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i was awoken at 4 am on the dot by something i never thought i would ever hear in my neighborhood at night.




i have NEVER seen a wild/city owl during the night before, let alone a pair. This just got me so excited i can just barely contain myself!

i've always been a bit of a bird freak and always lose it whenever i personally witness something new or amazing. This little chance encounter is on par with my first time seeing a kingfisher in one of the small lakes around here.

i just wish i had some sort of device that could have captured a coherent image in the dark so i could properly identify their species. Really all i was able to see were some shadowy outlines upon the neighbor's chimney and heard their distinct call. i was however, able to spot tufts of feathers or "horns", so they are definitely a type of horned owl.

Oh dear this has me excited! i might search the neighborhood to see of i can find some owl pellets and perhaps track down an approximate location to where they may be roosting.

Aah...i should really go back to sleep now. ^^;

Good night... er... morning? Whatever! Go to sleep, Emerald!


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Hello! i'm just a random person passing through. Though here is a list of things that may or not be needed to know about me:

- i'm socially awkward, so often my replies and comments are likely to be short, blunt and straight to the point. So if it seems rude to certain people, i apologize ahead of time.

-i am a Mexican (with some possible distant Spanish/Mediterranean lineage). If this is off putting to certain people, than i am sorry. i cannot change who i am, and don't plan on doing so either. i am not the most patriotic person or however you call it, but if you go bashing the Latin Americans or Chicanos- and not in the universally humorous or friendly manor-, i won't get along with you.

- sometimes (actually a majority of the time) i can be a bit of a smart alec. If i see an opportunity to make fun of something or someone, i'm bound to say something silly, because 'taking things seriously' is not the dominant trait of my family. It's all in the name of good fun, but if i step out of line, please tell me and i will shut up. Sometimes i get carried away.

- i am obsessed with a wide range of things. From rocks, fish, colors, nature, shiny things, anime, cartoons, vocaloids, games, yaoi and soooo much more. If confronted with either of these things- especially tuna and mola molas-, i will go into what i call 'otaku/fan-girl' mode. When in this phase, i am bound to gush and sputter absolute nonsense regarding whatever topic that has caught my interest. Also, i am bound to use series of emoticons, icons and type in ALL CAPITALS. This may either be entertaining, overwhelming or annoying to whoever reads/listens to what i type/say.

- If encountered, prepare your cognition for the tidal wave of non sequitur, ADHD, typer hension, dain bramage induced insanity that is my imagination/mind/brain.

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I am back from my errands! *insert evil laugh here* Now to take over the world!
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Have you finished those errands? :D
Have you finished those errands? :DD
Have you finished those errands? :DDD
Have you finished those errands? :DDDD
Have you finished those errands? :DDDDD
Have you finished those errands? 8DDDDDD
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